Sophos dumps support for Quadsys

sophos-HQSophos has ended its relationship with security reseller Quadsys after five of its staffers, including three directors of the company, were sentenced for offences committed under the Computer Misuse Act.

Some vendors were quick to terminate their dealings with Quadsys the moment the arrests were announced but Sophos continued to recommend that customers buy their security software from the reseller.  In fact the insecurity outfit  promoted Quadsys to a Platinum Partner just nine days after the five entered their guilty pleas.

Sophos said that the reason it hung on to Quadsys  for so long was that it was waiting for the full facts of the case to be known and the case was over. Now everything is in the public domain, Sophos feels a bit more confident in ending its business relationship with convicted crims.

It has called on any Sophos users who have the deal with Quadsys, who are worried, to give them a ring and they will explain what it all means.

Quadsys staff were arrested after Sensitive data, including pricing information, was stolen from a rival security reseller.