SMEs targeted by malware

skullkSmall and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are under attack by malware crooks, according to antivirus firm Bitdefender.

Bitdefender said that some SME employees in the UK are being hoodwinked into downloading trojans by suggesting the people have violeted company policy.

Apparently, the attacks grew last week, with .ARJ compressed files using the Zbot or Zeus malware.  British companies affected appear to be companies that offer military clothing or products to the defence or security industry.

Zbot/Zeus has a password stealing component intended to grab user names and passwords, email and FTP credentials.

The attack comes with a malicious email that opens an .rtf document that has information about policy violation.  In the background, the malware attempts to connect to Zbot infected websites.

Bitdefender has supplied a screen shot of a typical email.