SMBs don’t care about Windows 8

msSmall and medium sized businesses don’t tend to be tech trendsetters, but there is one trend they are not missing out on. They hate Windows 8.

A recent survey conducted by software vendor Sage North America has revealed that Windows 8 is getting a lukewarm reception from most SMBs. Just 20 percent are using Windows 8 machines at the moment, or plan to upgrade over the next six months. What’s more, 19.8 percent have already rejected it, 23.4 percent are considering Windows 8, while 36.7 are still undecided, or couldn’t be bothered. The figures are similar when it comes to laptops.

Oddly enough, the numbers for tablets and smartphones are somewhat better, at over 30 percent each. Around 45 percent are undecided, 16 percent are considering Win 8 mobile gear, while 10 percent use it already, or plan to in the near future.

The survey also found that SMB employees love mobile gear. When they are working remotely, 81 percent of employees use their laptops, while 80 and 57 percent use smartphones and tablets respectively. Decision makers also love mobile devices and 85 percent believe they have a positive impact on productivity.

The mobile boom has also prompted many SMBs to rethink their approach to hardware and put in place BYOD policies. In fact, the survey found that 48 percent of SMBs already have BYOD policies, while 31 percent haven’t considered one yet. None of them decided against BYOD yet.