SkySQL $20 million investment led by Intel

Intel-logoOpen source database firm, SkySQL, has raked in $20 million in series B funding from, among others, Intel Capital.

The investment will go toward funding further development of SkySQL’s MariaDB database server.

Intel Capital made investments totaling $350 million last year, with 57% of that in businesses based outside North America. The other funds contributing to the $20 million investment in SkySQL include California Technology Ventures, Finnish Industry Investment, Open Ocean Capital and Spintop Private Partners.

Earlier this year, SkySQL merged with Monty Program, who developed the MariaDB open source relational database – and, as far as this hack can tell, had nothing to do with dead parrots.

MariaDB has curried favour with many in the application developer community and with database admins – according to analysts 451 Group, MariaDB has an increasing market share due to becoming the the favoured SQL technology in popular Linux distributions such as OpenSUSE and Fedora.

SkySQL’s CEO Patrik Sallner said: “For large-scale internet players like Google and Wikipedia, MariaDB database server delivers clear benefits over existing relational databases. With this funding we plan to deliver commercial solutions that make it even easier for enterprises of any size to run MariaDB databases at scale. We have raised this latest round of investment to enhance MariaDB’s position as the world’s fastest growing open source relational database and to continue to foster a vibrant community around the project.