Sitedesk signs partnership deal with IBM Maximo reseller

Sitedesk and SRO  have signed a partnership deal making SRO the main distributor of a solution which sprovide IBM Maximo users with powerful 3D BIM and IoT functionality.

SRO is an authorised IBM reseller and Gold-accredited IBM Maximo partner which sells and supports IBM Maximo software around the world. Sitedesk’s collaborative 3D BIM software has been integrated with IBM Maximo to provide users with a new 3D visuals  on desktop and mobile devices.

Tony Lackey, Managing Director of SRO said: “Sitedesk is the fastest and most flexible 3D tool we have come across. The integration of Sitedesk with Maximo provides users with an increasingly important visual context that is currently not available in Maximo.”

Michael McCullen, Chairman of Sitedesk added: “IBM Maximo users now have a quick and intuitive way of accessing asset data directly from a 3D building model. This will lead to improved maintenance planning and quicker impact assessment when IoT alerts are triggered. We are delighted to be working with SRO Solutions to bring this solution to market.”

Using the integrated solution, IBM Maximo users can now navigate through their buildings in 3D when analysing assets, systems and spaces. They can also respond to work orders and view alerts from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors in 3D.