Silobreaker teams up with Flashpoint

146254531f573f596c1c55fed91b5fb4Intelligence technology provider Silobreaker has announced a partnership with Business Risk Intelligence outfit Flashpoint.

The big idea is that Silobreaker and Flashpoint will create products which “empower” organisations to predict, detect and mitigate risk of all kinds by turning unstructured data into timely and actionable intelligence.

Silobreaker CEO Kristofer Mansson said the move was a major development for open source intelligence.

“Flashpoint is a market leader in accessing unique data in hard-to-get-to places on the web, while our emphasis is on building technology that makes sense of any kind of unstructured data. Bringing the two together creates a powerful combination that can dramatically improve an organisation’s intelligence efforts, both tactically and strategically.”

Flashpoint’s data is being ingested by Silobreaker’s platform, where it is indexed and fully integrated for use across all analytical tools, visualisations and workflow features. When correlated with Silobreaker’s open source data, this combination empowers customers to move seamlessly between the two data-sets in a single application, expanding their analyses to include both.

Flashpoint CEO and Co-Founder, Josh Lefkowitz, added: “While Silobreaker users can now benefit from access to Flashpoint’s Finished Intelligence and Deep & Dark Web datasets, we can offer our customers access to Silobreaker’s capabilities, namely hundreds of thousands of open sources, powerful analytics and a range of visualisation, reporting and alerting tools. We’re really excited to see where this partnership will take us.”

Access to Flashpoint data in Silobreaker requires licences from both companies.