SAP partners make a killing

Mary_Read_killing_her_antagonist_cph.3a00980Despite the economic downturn, and the fact that their product is so dull only an accountant could love it,  the partners of the esoteric German business software maker SAP are laughing all the way to the bank.

Global research firm IDC  has added up the numbers and claims that SAP partners worldwide will earn $220 billion in revenue in the next five years.
This is because everyone+dog will be wantig advanced analytics and predictive analytics over the next year because they need to control costs, optimise operations and manage risks,

I would not hold your breath with excitement.  The report was commissioned by SAP itself and it would be unlikely that it would ever see the light of day if IDC said that everyone was doomed.

SAP as been pushing its partners had needs more reselling, professional services, hardware and additional intellectual property and solutions developed on top of analytics solutions from SAP and the SAP HANA platform.
One infographic said  that the  top 10 industries for these analytics and big data opportunities are manufacturing, government, communications and media, banking, professional services, retail, healthcare, utilities and insurance.
Darren Bibby, vice president for IDC Channels and Alliances Research said that SAP and its partners make a significant impact on the global economy.
“SAP does an excellent job delivering great products for partners to work with, as well as effective sales, marketing and training resources. The result is that the SAP ecosystem is well-positioned for the future and customers will benefit from these additional skills and resources,” Bibby added.