Sabio is close to a complete double acquisition

paacquisition3definition-580x358Contact centre VAR Sabio is completing due dilligence on two firms it is thinking of buying.

It seems Sabio cannot get enough of other companies. The VAR acquired DatapointEurope and Rapport last year and has plans to expand out of the UK and into mainland Europe.

Word on the street is that  the two  firms in Sabio’s sights are both headquartered in the UK with international presences. This fits into Sabio’s announced international ambitions.

Acquiring Datapoint bought about some slight changes in Sabio’s plans – specifically hwere it wants its  revenue to come from. The VAR saw 80 percent of its revenues come from the UK, but the figure is now more even, with 55 percent coming from home and the rest from abroad.

Sabio wants to bring in £100 million annual revenue, and the company believes it will do that within the next two or three years, partly as a result of its increased focus in mainland Europe and Asia.

Sabio has seen strong revenue growth over recent years, jumping from £29 million to around £60 million and expects to hit £100 million over the next few years, before implementing plans to hit £200 million soon after – possibly through an invasion of America.