Robot vacuum cleaners to clean up

Robot - image from Wikimedia CommonsA report said that home care and lawnmowing robots will be worth close to $3 billion by 2019.

ABI Research said vacuum cleaners will dominate the market and it expects over seven million robots to be in use worldwide by 2019.

Over 3.4 million robots were sold in 2014, so that represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.6 percent over the period to 2019.

Dan Kara, a research director at ABI, said the market is the largest, fastest growing and most dynamic sector of the consumer robotics market.

“The addressable markets for these devices are substantial, penetration levels are nowhere near saturation, and in some cases markets are virtually untouched,” he said.

He said that over the next few years we could expect to see various advances in terms of lower prices, better functionally and greater levels of performance and autonomy.

The overall market includes vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners, lawn mowers and pool cleaners.

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