Review: D&G Light Blue scent for women

light blueD&G’s Light Blue perfume for women may not be a new kid on the fragrance block, but for many it’s as classic and uplifting as Laurel and Hardy.

Often found wafting from 25-30 year olds, who have held the scent close to their hearts since those teenage summer holidays when finding the nearest fishbowl or perfect dress were the only problems in the world, it’s now grown up with them, filling the nostrils of commuters on buses and trains across the country.

Although worn as an everyday, all season fragrance, to us this scent, which has been lingering since 2001, screams summer – thanks to its light, playful citrus tones.

However, there’s also a feisty element thanks to the tart fruity notes, which are mixed with the softer Sicilian citron, bluebell, Granny Smith apple, and white rose hints, which add more than a touch of sophistication.

The pros of this mix are that it’s light, non invasive and won’t leave an overpowering smell in that office lift. Like many perfumes, which can change in smell a few minutes after they have been sprayed onto that wrist or neck, this fragrance stays honest, remaining the same as it did from when it came out of the bottle.

The cons? Like that spotty teenage holiday romance it doesn’t last long, and five minutes after you’ve sprayed, you may find yourself needing to top it up again.

The fact that it doesn’t change once sprayed also means that it smells the same on everybody, while the sheer popularity means that you won’t exactly stand out from the crowd.

Perhaps not a bad Valentine’s present for those Hugh Heffner wannabes who have more than one gift to buy this year.

From around £40 for 100ML.