Red Hat sees OpenStack as cool

DoctorWhoFezLinux distributor Red Hat is becoming all moist about OpenStack which it thinks will have as much impact as Linux did on the networking environment.

The company has produced a fully-supported OpenStack distribution so its customers can deliver open-source infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) clouds.

The announcement means that its OpenStack distribution graduates from a “community release” to a fully supported offering.

According to the company Red Hat wants to position OpenStack as a future cloud platform and is building it into a whole set of announcements and programmes.

Karl Stevens, public cloud solutions architect at Red Hat said that OpenStack was going to be the next Linux.

The announcement seems a little premature. OpenStack isn’t yet fully integrated with Cloudforms. If it manages this then it should help those enterprises who already have virtualised servers, to move on to a full IaaS cloud.

Red Hat has come up with a new partner network with the catchy title “Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network.” This network is intended to provide an ecosystem around the new stack.