Red Hat buys Codenvy for its cunning cloud plans

hat_sm_zps0a1ae16fOpen saucy outfit Red Hat has written a cheque for the cloud application developer Codenvy.

The company’s hybrid cloud services development software will be shoved under the bonnet of Red Hat’s hosted environment.

In a statement announcing the acquisition, Red Hat said: “Historically, software engineers have spent more time each week on administration and other tasks, including environment management, than actual coding.

“Often, developers can find themselves working on multiple projects concurrently, but in different programming languages, “the company said.

The aim is that as more IT organisations move to continuous delivery with DevOps and containers to speed the delivery of modern, cloud-native applications, developers have turned to new tools like Codenvy that can enable development teams to build complex applications faster with fewer inconsistencies across environments, the spokesHat said.

Tyler Jewell, CEO at Codenvy, said: “Cloud workspaces make contributing to software projects easy.

“Our container-based approach to development aligns with Red Hat’s focus on improving security features, reliability and performance in its container offerings. Joining Red Hat opens up opportunities to expand our reach among developers, giving them modern tools to build containerised apps from within their web browser.”