Poettering attacks Linux’s “you know who”

lennartpoettering-620x411The open source movement fails to attract new members because its existing membership base is populated by a******** with few social skills led by Linus Torvalds who sets a poor example, according to a Linux expert.

Lennart Poettering,  a Red Hat engineer and one of the creators of the controversial systemd system, penned a rant on his bog which was worthy of Linus Torvalds and ironically blamed Torvalds for a lot of the problems.

“Open Source community is full of a******s, and I probably more than most others am one of their most favourite targets. I get hate mail for hacking on Open Source. People have started multiple ‘petitions’ on petition web sites, asking me to stop working (google for it). Recently, people started collecting Bitcoins to hire a hitman for me (this really happened!). Just the other day, some idiot posted a ‘song’ on YouTube, a creepy work, filled with expletives about me and suggestions of violence. People post websites about boycotting my projects, containing pretty personal attacks,” he steamed.

Systemd was adopted by most major Linux distributions, including Debian, Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and Ubuntu, but there is still a lot of hate against it.

Poettering blames a lot of the nutcase problems on a circle that plays a major role in kernel development, and first and foremost Linus Torvalds himself.

“Torvalds is considered a role model, but he is quite a bad one. If he posts words like “[specific folks] …should be retroactively aborted. Who the f*ck does idiotic things like that? How did they not die as babies, considering that they were likely too stupid to find a tit to suck on?” (google for it), then that’s certainly bad,” steamed Poettering.

Poettering said he finds it “particularly appalling” that Torvalds regularly defends this approach and advertises this as an efficient way to run a community. He said that it was not just Torvalds, but a certain group of people around him who use the exact same style, some of which semi-publicly dream up the best ways to kill Poettering.

All this means that if anyone is going to get interested in Linux they are going to need a thick skin to deal with the high A*rsehole count in the community.  He thinks most normal humans can’t be bothered.