PKWARE does deal with Digital Pathways

181551Data security outfit PKWARE has announced a new value added partnership with Essex-based Digital Pathways

Digital Pathways, established in 1997, specialises in data protection and cyber security. The company works with companies to ensure the safety of their data and their compliance with applicable regulations.

PKWARE CEO Miller Newton said that Digital Pathways’ expertise in ensuring businesses have the correct data security infrastructure in place is a perfect match for PKWARE’s encryption and persistent data-protection solutions.

“We are thrilled to be able to work together to provide stronger data security offerings for customers to protect their sensitive information, intellectual property, reputation and brand.”

Under the deal, Digital Pathways will be authorised to sell the Smartcrypt product suite. PKWARE will leverage Digital Pathways professional services for assessments, design, configuration and implementation. The partnership will benefit customers across the financial, manufacturing, healthcare and central and local government sectors in need of a defence-in-depth data protection strategy to ensure sensitive data is fully protected against both insider and external threats.

Digital Pathways Managing Director Colin Tankard said PKWARE’s global business data protection products, such as secure mail, file and cloud encryption, will broaden Digital Pathways’ “ability to truly protect our clients’ data wherever it resides and enable the company to integrate with other solutions that may already be in place”.