PCs ruin family life

A happy family - WikimediaSlow PCs mean people in the UK are wasting hours messing around with machines rather than doing more constructive things like cooking, going on a date, or even having a nap.

Those are the results from memory company Crucial, which surveyed 1,148 people in the UK in November this year.

The survey estimates that the average time a person finds herself or himself waiting for a slow device each day is 6.5 minutes, adding up to 45 minutes a week or 39.4 hours a year.

Crucial comes to the conclusion that given a population of over 55.5 million people here, that adds up to a total figure for the country of 2.13 billion hours.

Twenty seven percent of people in the UK don’t think they have a good tech-life balance, with half saying they spend mre time using technology at home compared to a year ago.

More than one in 10 people spend more time at home with tech than they do with their partner.

Roddy McClean, who works at Crucial, said: “A simple computer memory upgrade is quick and easy to complete and will speed up a slow laptop or PC.”  That, he thinks, will give people more time to keep their partner happy.