Oracle wants fewer and better cloud partners

Oracle will be going through its cloud partner friends list and culling those who it does not think are up to snuff.

Javier Torres, VP of EMEA channels said that the switch to cloud-based services would eventually result in “fewer and better” partners specialising in Oracle’s cloud services.

Speaking to the assembled throngs at an Oracle OpenWorld event in London, Torres said that although this may look like a threat to partners’ current business models, they should view it as an opening to win more business.

The core business model for business partners is at risk. But it is also an opportunity for partners to capture more market share.

“We are acknowledging two things: one is that the model will go into fewer and better partners, focusing on the ones that are making a difference. But we are also supporting partners to bridge that gap. We have a couple of programmes to support them in doing that.”

Torres added that the Cloud Acceleration programme is one such example that provides support to partners as they move to cloud specialisation.

More than 200 partners across EMEA are taking part in the Cloud Acceleration programme. Other sources of support come from VADs which work with the vendor to provide training to smaller partners. These distributor partners create cloud centres of excellence to support Oracle’s smaller partners as they move to cloud services.

“We have thousands of cloud partners and great geographical reach, so we are asking VADs to help us cover the market and to work with smaller partners. We are also investing in support for the wider partner base to transform their business model in moving to the cloud.”