One in six emails goes missing

Penny Black - Wikimedia CommonsA survey has revealed that one in every six email messages never reaches peoples’ inboxes.

Return Path surveyed nearly 500 million messages from email marketers who have requested to be sent messages, and found that 11 percent of all emails goes missing while another six percent go straight into peoples’ spam or junk folders.

No region scores more than 90 percent getting emails into the inboxes, but some countries are worse than others.

Australian and German senders failed to deliver one in eight messages.  Brazilians only get two thirds of the messages they’re sent.  The UK and the US fare better, with 87 percent gliding through the interweb.

The company has also surveyed the type of email client.  Apparently Gmail inboxes are happy to receive commercial messages – as long as those messages were put in the Promotions tab.

The survey showed that in November 2013 over 50 percent of email messages were read on mobile devices such as the iPhone or the iPad.