Office workers threaten businesses

old_officeA survey conducted by YouGov suggests the biggest security threat to business is the enemy within.

That’s the employees.

The survey, conducted on behalf of security as a service company Proofpoint shows that while pilfering stationery may be a thing of the past, office workers are endangering security.

A quarter of the 2,076 people surveyed sent work emails using their personal email account – especially if files are too large to send.  A fifth sent emails with confidential information including names, ages and home addresses.

And when working out of the office, 20 percent used a file transfer service like Dropbox to their personal email addresses.

And 45 percent of people received emails that weren’t meant to arrive in their inboxes.

Organisations can’t cope with the idiosyncratic nature of business, it appears. While 43 percent were trained on data and privacy, a third of them didn’t get any training.

Needless to say, Proofpoint has an axe to grind because it sells security as a service.