Nvidia takes on AMD with game bundle

nvidia-gangnam-style-330pxNvidia has announced a game bundle for the summer season, in cooperation with Ubisoft. The Splinter Cell Blacklist promotion is clearly aimed to counter AMD’s highly successful Never Settle Reloaded bundle, but in reality both bundles are an indication that AMD and Nvidia really don’t have any truly new GPUs to offer this year.

Nvidia’s bundle will include the latest Ubisoft Splinter Cell game, Splinter Cell Blacklist, and it all cards above the GTX 660 will be eligible, including all GTX 700 series cards. Interestingly, the ultra high end GTX 690 and GTX Titan are not included in the programme, which might mean that Nvidia has something even better lined up for its flagship products, or that it feels that they don’t need any freebies to sell well.

Although the promo is kicking off now, SC Blacklist won’t launch until late August, but Nvidia will have plenty of download codes ready and waiting. The promotion is expected to last until the winter game season when it will probably be replaced by a new bundle.

In any case 2013 is shaping up to be a rough year for the PC gaming market. New consoles are on the way, while at the same time GPU makers really don’t have much to offer in terms of new hardware.