NSA proof phone rooted in five minutes

756px-Lu_Zhishen_Water_Margin_2The ultra secure “NSA-Proof “Blackphone was hacked in just inside five minutes during a Blackhat hacking conference.

@TeamAndIRC rooted the device without needing to unlock the bootloader and turned on ADB on the device. The vulnerability that allowed this to happen is now semi-fixed and needs the user to take action to be able to exploit the weakness.

Blackphone was made by Silent Circle and Geeksphone, and it is designed to provide a suite of secure services running on a fork of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Called PrivatOS, it is meant to provide a consumer level access to secure options that protect personal data from being leaked to third parties.

It was dubbed as “nsa proof” by her Majesty’s loyal press mostly as what passes for humour in such circles, because it came out after the Snowden affair.

Still its ironic that yet again even the most secure of Android phones are susceptible to the inherent to Android OS which was never built with security in mind.

Blackberry and Blackphone have been scrapping over which one is the most secure.  BlackBerry, sniffed that Blackphone was okay for the average Joe and plain Jane, but“unacceptable” for enterprise and pretty customers. The reason was that Blackberry could protect the whole of the communication because it controlled the network, while the Blackphone could only look after the client end.

@TeamAndIRC assures everyone that it will be working out how to prove that Blackberry is just as bad and will get onto it right now.