No-one gives a stuff about wearable tech

google-ICA Harris poll has shown that people largely show a vast indifference to wearable technology.

That could be bad news for vendors who have hyped up the category like there’s no tomorrow.

Harris surveyed 2,250 people aged 18 or over in the USA. The majority of these sensible folk don’t really know what it’s all about while 19 percent were vehement and said they’d never buy a wearable tech device.

Nearly half (46 percent) of those surveyed said there were no benefits to wearable tech – while 54 percent said it might benefit them in some way.

Only 24 percent say they don’t have any worries about wearable tech while 76 percent say they do have worries.  The biggest worry is that this tech will be too expensive, while other worries include privacy and lack of unique features.