NCR claims we all love self checkout

A supermarket checkoutA report commissioned by NCR claims that the world and its dog all love to use self checkout when we’re shopping in supermarkets.

The survey covered nine countries – Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, the UK and the USA – and polled 2,800 shoppers.

It shows that 90 percent of the respondents use SCO technology and most of them – 78 percent – agree or strongly agree that shops using this tech give better customer service.

The results fly in the face of our own experiences in the UK where most people grumble when they’re forced to use self checkout and many line up to see a friendly human face.  Of course, the supermarkets are saving money and costing jobs by employing this technology.

And NCR’s survey, obliquely shows that’s right because suggestions to improve self checkout showed 43 percent of people would always like an attendant to assist.

NCR said that self checkout is “an important component” of many shops’ “omni channel” strategies. NCR bends the truth a little by saying self checkout “helps increase customer satisfaction, customer loyalty” and – this is the crunch one – “profitability”.