N2S uses Avnet’s Unity

avnettsAvnet EMEA has partnered with IT installation and management company N2S to deploy the former’s Unity Estate Management service.

The point of Unity is to help companies minimise financial risk by recognising the right time for IT assets to be disposed of – then seeking to reuse the equipment instead of completely destroying it. Because it adheres to the latest set of WEEE directives it can dodge regulatory fines.

Apparently, since Unity was deployed, N2S managed to detect 2,500 disks and other IT bits over 1,000 sites that weren’t in use, but were also not listed on customer inventory, amounting to a potentially massive waste of energy.

N2S will be giving customers the choice of building a Unity Estate Management framework for themselves, or have N2S manage it on their behalf as a managed service provider.

Avnet EMEA veep Christian Magirus said CEOs are starting to wonder if they’re disposing of IT assets in the correct way. “They’re starting to look at putting in place tigheter controls to promote industry best practice and minimise financial risk,” Magirus said.

N2S’ Andrew Gomarsall, director, said previously it “wasn’t uncommon” for N2S to clean customer sites but turn out more equipment than expected.

“With redundant equipment lying around, the potential for security breaches and fines is high, not to mention the impact on the environment,” Gomarsall said.