Most tablets in UK are owned by women

tablet-womanMost men aren’t that good when it comes to choosing a gift for their significant other. Anything to do with fashion is usually off limits, so are beauty products and just about everything else that comes to mind. However, according to YouGov’s latest Tablet Tracker report you can’t go wrong with a nice tablet.

YouGov has worked out that females own 52 percent of all tablets in Blighty. The gender breakdown was very different just a year ago. In Q2 2012, men owned 57 percent of British tablets, but the ladies gained ground at a staggering rate.

Women also seem to prefer fruity Apple gear over Android and Windows tablets. As many as 60 percent of first- and second-generation iPads in Britain are in female hands, along with 58 percent of iPad minis.


Unsurprisingly most new tablet purchases are coming from young people. Seven percent are aged 18 to 24, while 19 percent are in the 25 to 34 bracket. The 35 to 44 group accounts for 22 percent, while 45 to 54-year-olds have a 21 percent share. The number of tablet users over the age of 55 is 31 percent, down from 42 percent last year. On the whole, the numbers reveal that the UK tablet market is becoming more mainstream.

YouGov claims 22 percent of the adult population now owns a tablet, up from 18 percent last quarter. In addition, 26 percent of UK households have a tablet. The survey also revealed that early adopters were young, affluent males, but as the market matured everyone joined the party.