More women play vid games than men

pacmanResearch from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) claims more women now play video games than men.

The trend is being driven by 25-44 year old women downloading trivia games and free puzzle games, the IAB said.

The research, conducted by Populus, show that women account for 52 percent of people who played a video game in the last six months.  The figure was 49 percent three years ago.

The IAB says the entire gaming audience amounts to 69 percent of the UK population – that’s 33.5 million people.

More people aged over 44 play games than children and teenagers combined.

As you’d expect, its smartphones that are behind the trend. They hog 54 percent of those surveyed, followed by computers (51%), consoles (45%) and tablets (44%).  But the average gamer uses three different devices.

And an average gamer aged over 18 spends something like 11 hours gaming a week, compared to 20 hours for eight to 15 year olds.

4,058 people between the ages of eight and 74 were surveyed online in June for the purposes of the survey.