Mobile office goes all wobbly

old_officeMicrosoft’s Office 365 portal encountered problems for a second consecutive working day.

The admin portal for Microsoft’s cloud productivity suite experienced a wobble on Friday, but later in the day Microsoft said it had fixed the bug.  But it turned out that it had not and yesterday it admitted that it was looking into reports of further problems. The problem affects user and admin accounts and is centred around admin portal availability.

Network admins took to Twitter to moan. Users in multiple European countries, including the UK, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Sweden and Lithuania, confirmed that they had experienced difficulties logging in this morning. Others complained that it was working, but was very slow.

Some users have been even daring to say that Microsoft’s O365 is not enterprise ready and that Vole should never had said it was all fixed on Friday.

The danger is that with each outage or service issue, more and more organisations are understanding the risks of entrusting email and application data to a single cloud ecosystem.

A Microsoft representative insisted that the issue was “short lived” and was resolved yesterday morning at a 11am.