Microsoft’s reshuffle affects its channel

reshuffleSoftware King of the World Microsoft has been reshuffling its management deck lately, and some of this will have a knock-on effect for its channel partners who will have to face a new organisational chart.

CEO Satya Nadella has split the former Windows and devices group into two teams meaning that executive vice president of the Windows and devices group Terry Myerson is clearing out his desk.

The new structure will see Rajesh Jha lead a team looking at Experiences & Devices, with the aim of providing a “unified experience” for those using devices at work or in the home.

Panos Panay will serve as chief product officer, leading the devices group, which includes the Surface product line. Windows will be handled by Joe Belfiore as it looks to roll the OS out across more devices.

Kudo Tsunoda will be looking at new experiences and technology, and Brad Anderson gets to oversee enterprise mobility and management.

Nadella indicated that Scott Guthrie would be expanding his responsibilities to lead a team focused on cloud and AI platforms.

That move then leads to other changes with Jason Zander is being promoted to executive vice president Azure. Other fresh appointments include Alex Kipman running the AI perception and mixed reality team, Eric Boyd and friends looking after AI cognitive services and platform and Eric Lockard running the universal store and commerce platform.

“We can’t let any organisational boundaries get in the way of innovation for our customers. This is why a growth mindset culture matters. Each one of us needs to push on what technology can do for people and our world”, Nadella said. Goodness knows what a growth mindset culture is…