Microsoft sorts the sheep from the goats

friends15Following a review of its UK channel Microsoft has appointed four distributors to handle its software.

Previously Vole had used five distributors – Exertis, Ingram Micro, Tech Data, Westcoast and Entatech. Entatech went tits up last month so the question was if any other distributor would take its place.

VIP and Ci Distribution were asked to have a crack at it along with the incumbent distributors.

Up for grabs areĀ full packaged products (FPP); OEM Windows; OEM Server; and electronic software delivery (ESD) products.

Exertis and Westcoast were successful in three of the four segments available and Tech Data and Ingram Micro are rumoured to have got the rest.

Exertis got all three of the segments it had bid for, retaining FFP and OEM Server while adding OEM Windows to its portfolio.

Westcoast retained its place across FPP, OEM Server, and ESD, having bid for all four segments.