Microsoft slashes Windows fees

tablet-POS-cash-registerA report said that notebook sales – particularly in Europe – are set to grow strongly after Microsoft said it will cut licensing fees for low end models to $15 a unit.

According to Digitimes, the enterprise market has finally decided to upgrade its user base as a result of Windows stopping XP support last April.

That’s going to benefit Taiwanese original design manufacturers (ODMs) and vendors such as Acer, Asustek, Quanta Wistron and Inventec.

But it’s too early to say that notebook sales – which have declined in volume over the last two years – will ever reach the dizzying position they once commanded.

That’s partly because of a determined move by large enterprises to institute bring your own device (BYOD) models – which aids large companies by diminishing the capital amounts they spend on kit.

The Digitimes article is here.