Microsoft readies streamlined browser

windows10Even though Windows 10 will not now be ready until the second half of next year, Microsoft is going to show off its latest version in mid January.

And it’s bowing to the inevitable by throwing out much of the clunky code that makes up Internet Explorer and introducing a streamlined browser called Spartan, according to reports.

Microsoft was late to the internet game in the 1990s and has had trouble catching up with competitors ever since.

Microsoft wants its browser to be a lot more like more popular browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome, and to try to shake off perceptions that its behind the times.  It will allow extensions to the browser and it will be backwards compatible with previous versions.

According to Mary Jo Foley at ZD Net, Windows 10 will ship with both Spartan and Internet Explorer 11 – something of a kludge in itself.

The version of Windows 10 that Microsoft will show off is called the Windows 10 Technical Preview and will include a number of additional features in the long build up to its release in the second half of next year.

Microsoft is also likely to port the Spartan browser to other operating systems, such as Android.