Labour productivity figures create call for AI

Forwarders-set-to-see-growthAccording to the latest labour figures productivity in the UK is still growing but still hasn’t reached the two percent growth rate the country was seeing before 2008, despite Britons’ long office hours and intense work ethic.

However Digitial sales tranformation outfit  Altify said that it is because employees spend too much of their workday focused on admin hygiene tasks, instead of investing their time in those that bring actual value to the company and the economy.

So says Altify, the digital sales transformation company, which claims that the use of the right AI tool will help employees focus on high-value tasks and reverse the toxic lifecycle of hard work, long hours, and little of the productivity that results from genuine job satisfaction.

Altify CEO Anthony Reynolds believes that AI is the key to the productivity puzzle and said that augmented Intelligence will not signify the end of human work, but rather the beginning of it.

“Once freed from mindless tasks which uphold administrative hygiene but bring little else, in the way of value to their customers, closed sales or job satisfaction. Sales teams all too often find themselves spending their time swamped in banal administrative tasks. This is perhaps why sales has not yet fulfilled its full strategic potential for organisations and points to the same conclusion for the UK’s corporate landscape as a whole.”