Kalura and Oregan team up on cloudy telly

Cloud TV-videomind-ooyala_1Video technology provider Kaltura, and a British technology company which specializes in Pay TV client solutions called Oregan Networks have announced a “strategic collaboration” for advancing cloud TV transformation.

The two companies have developed “a solution” that lets service providers to transform their old systems and services into hybrid cloud TV services while “protecting existing legacy investments.” The solution will allow integration of new cloud TV-based features and capabilities within legacy Set-Top-Boxes.

Oregan CEO, Mark Perry said: “Oregan’s client-side smart technology and integration services, combined with Kaltura’s modular cloud TV platform came together naturally and organically, creating a platform blueprint sought after by many operators that are aiming to evolve their current Pay TV service while prolonging the lifecycle of legacy STB deployments.”

Co-founder, President and General Manager of Media and Telecom at Kaltura,  Shay David added. helpfully: “The way viewers today are consuming TV is forcing global telecommunication firms to rework their IPTV strategy and launch transformative cloud TV services. Our ability to connect our cloud TV platform into legacy STBs not only helps save costs in the migration process but enables new services to reach their entire existing subscriber base simultaneously.”

Perry said, “With the rapid consolidation we are seeing in today’s market, a strong end-to-end offering which is credible and based on proven, widely accepted cross-ecosystem engineering standards is a winning formula, reducing the operational risks of service providers on a path towards a new generation of high-quality home entertainment.”