iPhone6 bends in your pocket

bendShocked iPhone6 plus users have discovered that the build quality of the iPhone 6 is not quite what they expected.

The Apple fanboys are finding that if they put the phone in their front pockets they develop a slight bend.

The Tame Apple Press has rushed to say that while the rumours are true it clearly takes quite a bit of force and in any event, you would never put an iPhone in your pocket, you would carry it around so others can see it and want to buy it.

According to experts, the problem should not be surprising. Jeremy Irons, a Design Engineer at Creative Engineering said that it should not surprise anyone that the phone bends.  The only thing keeping its shape is the thin aluminium frame that covers the back and reaches around the sides. There is also another very thin piece of steel behind the glass.

This problem did not exist with the previous iPhones, which were thicker and not as long. In material bending, larger cross sectional areas and shorter lengths make things stronger. So the increased length and decreased thickness contribute to the weakness of the new iPhone.

While the iPhone 5S was only seven percent thicker than the iPhone 6 Plus, it was actually 22 percent stronger in bending. When you make something longer, it gets proportionally more bendable, when you make it thinner, it gets a lot more bendable.