Intoware and AMRC take on the knowledge gaps

ul_books_shelfm290a951078_1100_germangapIntoware and the AMRC are working together to solve knowledge gaps which are causing problems in many vertical markets.

The pair is working on initiatives using software and hardware including wearable devices and machine intelligence to address this issue.

Engineers average age is around 50 years and represents a significant percentage of the workforce. This indicates an impending skills gap that is expected to hit these industries soon, creating an opportunity for technology solve a critical skills problem.

Intoware and the AMRC have joined to form a collective to create a straightforward and effective solution to this issue, each playing an essential role in the success of this cunning plan by providing technology and innovation.

A proof of concept will be set up at the AMRC’s Factory 2050 in Sheffield. A limited number of industry partners interested in participating in this collaboration can apply as early as July of 2017.

Intoware CEO Keith Shipton said: “This problem is something our team has been looking at for some time now,” and added machine intelligence and wearables are at a point where they can be used.

AMRC Augmented Reality Technical Fellow, Chris Freeman, said: “The AMRC has worked with industry innovators on many projects solving problems leveraging the latest advancements in technology.”