Intel comes up with new cunning plan

cunning-planFashion bag maker Intel has come up with a new cunning plan now it appears that Ultrabooks are not working as well in India as it thought.

According to the Hindu,  Chipzilla is looking at laptop distribution schemes backed by various State Governments.

Intel will revamp its Ultrabook marketing strategy in India after two years where the hardware has been a damp squib.

Despite some heavy promotion, Ultrabooks form less than seven per cent of global notebook sales.
An Intel spokesman insisted that the Ultrabook was not a failure at all. It was just that the adoption of new form factors took some time.

He claimed that the “innovation” that the Ultrabook brought on has had a waterfall effect on the whole range of products.

Talking about the Ultrabook’s pricing strategy the Intel spokesman said the overall trend had slowly come downward over a period of time.

He said that Chipzilla had invested a lot into the surrounding “ecosystem” to ensure better availability. It was increasing its focus on the retail segment while channelling its marketing efforts towards wooing the first-time buyer.

Intel Technology India has also been rolling out a new CPU offering that is tailor-made for the education segment.

An Intel spokesman  called Nick Jacobs said that there are so many companies bidding for huge government orders, and we thought about how we could help them add value to the process.

He said that Intel was in talks with almost all of the leading OEMs to sell a package which includes education software and a new processor.