Infosys accused of being anti-American

Ashoka's Queen - Wikimedia CommonsA US court will hear how the Indian outsourcing outfit Infosys is alleged to have adopted racist policies against Americans.

The case, filed in a federal court in Wisconsin, is from four IT workers around the country who are suing the company for “ongoing national origin and race discrimination”.

The court documents include an account by Samuel Marrero, who worked as a recruiter in Infosys’s talent acquisition unit from 2011 until May 2013.

According to him recruiters were encouraged to focus their efforts on Indian candidates and “stick to the talent we’re used to”,

Marrero asked if the company only wanted Indian talent and was told by managers “Yes. They know our style and culture”.

The Infosys officials are identified in the lawsuit, one with the title of “senior vice president and global head,” the other as a “global enterprise officer lead.”

Marrero said that he “frequently complained” to higher-ups at Infosys during these weekly calls that many of the highly qualified American candidates they had presented were being rejected in favour of Indians.

As a result 90 percent of Infosys’ workforce is South Asian, and the high percentage is intentional.

In about October 2012, in response to one of these complaints, Infosys’ global enterprise lead allegedly said, “Americans don’t know shit”.