Imaging hub gets £29 million funding

glasgowA unit called the Quantum Imaging Hub is to receive funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences research Council (ESPRC) to the tune of £29 million over the next five years.

The hub includes academics from the universities of Glasgow, Bristil, Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt, Oxford and Strathclyde and has over 30 industry partners.

Industry partners and other interested bodies  include Scottish Enterprise, BP, Compound Semiconductor Tech, ST Microelectronics, Thales Optronics Ltd, Toshiba and the UK Astronomy Technology Centre.

The hub will be working on some pretty groovy stuff, including cameras that use one pixel to see through smoke, imaging systems that can see round corners, and earthquake warning systems.

A camera development led by scientists at Heriot-Watt uses photon timing techniques to see round corners and see through walls or biological tissue.

The Quantum Imaging Hub is to be coordinated from a quantum technologies facility the University of Glasgow is building.