Icewarp taps into Cisco Developer Network

ciscologoMessaging provider IceWarp has been accepted into the Cisco Developer Network, meaning it can now develop software that will be integrated and embedded into Cisco products.

Developers for IceWarp can now use the Cisco Developer Network to speed up development.

IceWarp’s president, Ladislav Goc, said that his company wants to expand on the growing trend of customers using the messaging platform within Cisco products.

“The goal is to develop a family of products that would allow our customers to deploy messaging and telephone solutions in one integrated package,” Goc said.

Because IceWarp architecture is based on universal standards, it doesn’t depend on a client and can support all mobile devices on the market. The company hopes by integrating Cisco office telephone systems with IceWarp on the server level, customers will be able to do away with using multiple systems and can instead rely on a single package.