IBM staff rebuked for poor performance

ibm-officeThe CEO of IBM has delivered an ear wigging to her staff after the company failed to do as well as expected in its last financial quarter.

Virginia Rometty, the CEO for IBM for the last 18 months, has also re-arranged the seating in an attempt to stem the rot, according to a memo published by the Wall Street Journal.

She has ordered sales supremo Bruno Di Leo to build a team targeting growth markets such as Latin America, EMEA and South East Asia.  Di Leo had shown success in this sphere before, but was taken off the task early next year.

The man who ran the growth markets, James Bramante, a senior VP, has new duties to perform, although the nature of his new role remains opaque.

Rometty had already re-shuffled hardware unit, but that unit also performed poorly in Q3.

According to the WSJ, Rometty said: “We clearly need to do better. Ours is a pay for performance culture.”