IBM relationship’s Aecom ‘absolutely horrible’

ibm-officeIt is starting to look like Aecom’s $2.3 billion outsourcing deal with IBM is coming unstuck as the relationship sours.

According to Computing which has been following the train wreck the deal has already cost the scalp of CIO Tom Peck but has resulted in a service which was much worse than when Aecom did the computing internally.

Its deep throats claim: “Lots of people have complained about the service they’re getting from IT. It now takes weeks to clear new accounts. It’s just not working, and it’s gone so badly that some departments are asking to charge IT for their employees’ time because people are sitting there not being able to work.”

Peck opposed the outsourcing plan, and now it is starting to look like he was right.  A source close to the deal claims that the Aecom board are beginning to realise the deal was a mistake, and that employees are being treated “like crap”.

Since January, rumours have been that IBM was going to be axed within a few years and the senior level at Aecom which cheered the outsourcing deal has changed its mind.

Nothing official though.