IBM claims email breakthrough

ibm-officeEnterprise email will never be the same again, IBM said, as it introduced a system it calls Verse.

The company said Verse is better for enterprises because it integrates the ways employees communicate every day – through email, meetings, calendars, file sharing, instant messaging, social networking and video chats.

It claims a single collaboration environment Verse includes so-called “faceted search” – a way of letting people pinpoint and recover information they want to know through the different kinds of content.

The software also comes with built in analytics, that learns how people prioritise items and their preferences to give a contextual view of a project and people collaborating on it.

This is different from other email services that simply search inboxes.

IBM will, in the future, embed its Watson feature into their overall environment. Watson is an analytic service that will give a reply to questions with answers ranked according to their importance.