Humanity will be replaced by machines

TheTerminatorLouis Del Monte, physicist, entrepreneur, and author of “The Artificial Intelligence Revolution” and nothing to do with orange juice has warned that since there is no legislation regarding how much intelligence a machine can have, how interconnected it can be, machines will start to replace humans as the top species in 2040.

Del Monte,had a cheerful chat to Business Insider.

He said that humanity and machines will reach a point when a singularity is possible between 2040, though Del Monte says it might be as late as 2045.

He said that it will not be a ‘Terminator’ scenario, or a war.  In the early part of the post-singularity world, one scenario is that the machines will seek to turn humans into cyborgs. This is nearly happening now, replacing faulty limbs with artificial parts. We’ll see the machines as a useful tool. Productivity in business based on automation will be increased dramatically in various countries. In China it doubled, just based on GDP per employee due to use of machines.”

He said that by the end of this century most of the human race will have become cyborgs who will have the promise of immortality. Machines will make breakthroughs in medical technology, most of the human race will have more leisure time, and we’ll think we’ve never had it better. The concern he has is that the machines will view us as an unpredictable and dangerous.

Del Monte believes machines will become self-conscious and have the capabilities to protect themselves.

Eventually they might view humanity in the same way we view harmful insects. Humans are an unstable species that creates wars, has weapons to wipe out the world twice over, and makes computer viruses.

He said he wrote the book as “a warning.” Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more capable, and we’re adopting it as quickly as it appears. A pacemaker operation is “quite routine,” he said, but “it uses sensors and AI to regulate your heart.”

AI machines can learn self-preservation and whether or not they’re conscious is a moot point.