Huawei wants to take on HP, Dell and Lenovo

L3.5GeryonIn a sign that there might be some life in the PC market, Huawei wants to take on Dell and Lenovo with some Wintel based PCs of its own.

At a news conference in Berlin yesterday, Huawei announced plans to release three PC models to the consumer market.

Cheng Lei, senior marketing manager for the PC business said that there were opportunities arising from the PC market’s decline.

Huawei said it plans to target the premium-priced consumer market, competing with Lenovo, HP and Dell.

Huawei’s Matebook X is a fanless notebook with splash-proof screen and combined fingerprint sign-on and power button, priced between 1,399 and 1,699 euros. Its Matebook E 2-in-1 hybrid will run from 999 to 1,299 euros while the Matebook D with 15.6-inch display is priced at 799 to 999 euros, it said.

Huawei’s new PCs all run seventh generation Intel microprocessors, Microsoft Windows 10 software and in-house developed software to automate data transfers between Huawei smartphones and its new computer models, Lei said.

Huawei said it aimed to offer the new PCs in 12 countries in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East in early June.

Huawei plans to focus on premium consumers while putting off any decision on a move into commercial PCs. “We are now quite confident and will try to expand in new segments in a couple of years,” Lei said.

“Our investment in the PC industry is not short-term,” the Huawei executive said. “We will have a long-term investment, not only in marketing but in R&D (research and development).”