HPE’s Meg predicted to leave by Yule

meg-whitmanThe news that HPE boss Meg Whitman was in the running for the Uber CEO job has led to some industry types to claim that she will be out of her HPE job by Yuletide.

Whitman, who has been HPE CEO since 2011, had been linked with the top job at Uber, but in July she publicly denied she would be moving to the ride-sharing firm.  She did not get the job that went to Dara Khosrowshahi – formally CEO at online travel firm Expedia.

However, Whitman gave media interviews this week and said Uber’s board approached her again over the weekend.

Uber had asked what it would take for her to change her mind

“I was not a contender for this job until the weekend — and I’m not even sure I was then”,  an apparently confused Whitman said.

However analysts are surprised by all this particularly as HPE is not doing that well and is going through one of its many restructurings. It cannot be seen as a good thing to learn that your CEO is planning to clean out her office and exit the building.

Most of the hacks covering the story think that Whitman will have gone by the end of the year.