HP might improve fast

Meg Whitman, photo by Mike MageeThe maker of expensive printer ink, HP, might pull its nadgers out of the fire a little quicker than many had thought.

Chief Executive Officer Meg Whitman has been sounding curiously optimistic of late.
She told cable network CNBC that revenue growth was “still possible” for the computer maker in its next fiscal year.

The only thing that did not get many observer’s hopes up is that she did see the performance of the overall PC market was a wild card.

Some analysts think that the PC market has gone as low as it will ever get and it can only start picking up now.

Others think that everything is doomed and we will all be trying to write long reports on our smartphones by next Tuesday.

Nevertheless, investors seem to be a little more hopeful in HP’s future and its shares rose four percent on the news. You can pick up a second hand share, with a limited mileage, for $25.22 in morning New York Stock Exchange trading after Whitman’s interview.

Wall Street analysts are generally still pessimistic. They have estimated revenue of $108.9 billion for HP’s 2014 fiscal year. That would be down from their expectation of $111.4 billion for fiscal 2013, which ends in October.