HP changes partner cert requirements

HPHP has updated its ParterOne programme, and it looks like a simplified model.

Certification requirements have been tinkered with across the board and in all regions.

Partners will get their compensation depending on membership status as well as regions, plus sales incentives for products and services.

It also looks like HP is going a little more liberal on certifications – with some areas such as the Enterprise Group having their certification requirements halved, from 44 to 22. ChannelEye has asked an HP spokesperson to clarify on other certification requirements.

We have asked HP if this announcement is to do with it changing its T&Cs and are waiting for a response.

In a statement, HP said the programme offers “predictability, simplicity and profitability”, and has been successful at helping partners bring in more revenue. It seems to be part of wider efforts to have each HP group more in common and horizontal.

*Update HP told us it modifies the PartnerOne Ts&Cs every year. Next year, HP says, changes to the program Ts&Cs will be told to partners at the time of the full 2014 program announcement in October 2013.

An HP spokesperson said that cert requirements are important to the PartnerOne Specialist designations “throughout all of HP’s “value” business”, which includes Software, Enterprise Group and parts of PPS.

The idea is that more partners will attend HP training and get certifications to, basically, become accredited to sell more kit across all the business units. It is cutting Enterprise group certifications from 44 to 22.

“We believe these competencies are a real value-add for our partners, as they allow them to differentiate themselves in the market,” the spokesperson said.