HE framework has education pounds to spend

classroom-19th-century-1140x684A higher education buying consortium wants suppliers to deliver £50 million worth of networking equipment and services to UK higher education institutions.

The HE Networking – Supply and Services Framework, developed by North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium, wants wired and wireless networking equipment tobe acquired through the framework.

The framework will be divided into four Lots: Networking Equipment, worth £22.5 million, £16.5 million worth of Small to Medium Networking Projects, £10.5 millon worth of large networking products, and £500,000 for Networking Consultancy.

No more than 14 suppliers are expected to be invited to bid for a place on each Lot, with no more than nine awarded a spot on each. No suppliers on Lots 1, 2 and 3 will be eligible for the fourth consultancy Lot, to avoid conflicts of interest.

The framework will run for an initial two-year period, with the option of two further 12 month extensions. Contracts are expected to be awarded in February 2018.