Guidance Software picks Wick Hill as UK distie

truckDistie Wick Hill has got the UK contract for US-based forensics, analytics, and incident response company Guidance Software.

Guidance Software can claim over half of Fortune 100 companies as clients. The company offers EnCase Analytics, which promises to find and treat otherwise hard to detect threats. This technology uses data from every endpoint at a kernel level instead of trusting a compromised OS.

The EnCase Cybersecurity product peers into endpoint activity across a network after a hacking attempt, specifically when threats have been suspected but aren’t identified, or if it’s necessary to snip out sensitive data from unauthorised locations.

EnCase Enterprise, Guardian boasts, is forensic level enterprise investigation, which can cut down on massive costs and regulatory risks typically associated with investigations in the enterprise. Guardian says it can quickly and accurately detect policy violations, including employee fraud and intellectual property theft.

Ian Kilpatrick, chairman at Wick Hill group, said Guidan can give the channel an answer to maintaining security across network infrastructure, which increasingly has more endpoints and generating more data.

“Guidance provides exceptional visibility into endpoint activity across the network, as well as sophisticated forensic tools, which include the ability to preserve forensic evidence post-incident,” Kilpatrick said.

Guidance’s veep of sales for EMA and APAC, Sam Maccherola, said Wick Hill was the right distie because of its existing experience in IT security and the major markets Guidance operates in.