Google panics over privacy rules

330ogleSearch giant Google has got itself in a flap because it is being forced to remove thousands of items that people don’t like on the web.

Reuters said Google will hold its first meeting in Madrid tomorrow in a bid to discuss the free flow of information.

This all follows a ruling in May that allows citizens  of the European Union the right to be anonymous on the web.

Apparently, by mid July, Google had received over 90,000 requests to remove information on its search engine. Google has refused a chunk of the requests but people have the right to appeal against the refusals.

Reuters quotes French watchdog Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin as saying that the seven debates to be held over Europe were part of a spin war.

This month, representatives of Microsoft, Yahoo and other companies operating search engines are being asked to cooperate to create guidelines for the removal of personal data, if requested.