Goggle Glass goes dim

OgleA cunning plan by Google to let us snoop on each other and record it on the internet now appears to be an idea without legs.

Information on the superinformation highway – that is to say from Vanity Fair and Reuters suggests that Google co-founder Sergey Brin is tired of the idea.

Reuters reports that the beta version of Google Glass, which will set you back a cool $1,500, has lost interest not only from end users but from developers too – a sure kiss of death for any bit of hardware you may care to name.

Further, there appears to be ennui in the Google Plex, with Reuters further reporting that a number of employees dedicated to the x-ray specs have quit the coop for pastures new.

Further a consortium which appeared to be hoping to finance the Glass “egosystem” – as computer execs call the cloud of vultures that circle round a possible bright new shiny bit of tech bling, appears to have shuffled off its mortal case.

And Vanity Fair?  It has a different take on the whole Google Glass phenomenon and that involves love….